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Josh Hutcherson and Dianna Agron were reportedly caught flirting at a 2015 Oscars pre-party!

According to Page Six, the two stars were inseparable all night and even tore up the dance floor together! and even on the dance floor together,” a source said.

She joked with “Extra’s” AJ Calloway, “My makeup artist was very gung-ho about me not smiling, so I'm trying to be a real b**ch on this little red carpet. You have a conversation with somebody and you're like ‘blah, blah, blah.’ And then all of a sudden these quotes like Jennifer Lawrence can't date.

Haha.” One thing the actress really doesn’t care about is being single.

” But now I have forgotten where did I put the statuette, and if let him know for sure It was laughable.

With this being an indie film, they don’t have the big budget to do take after take if Josh Hutcherson is off his game or distracted by girlfriend drama. Most professionals don’t bring their wives or girlfriends to work with them – and acting shouldn’t be an exception – particularly when the WAG is a volatile distraction who can’t behave.

“They looked like a ‘new couple,’ still flirting.” While we would totally love for the co-star Claudia Traisac – and since they were publicly spotted out together just last week, we're pretty sure they're still dating.

Josh and Diana have a bunch of mutual friends so our guess is their relationship is purely platonic.

No way.” Josh Hutcherson had hope for Jennifer too, saying, “I bet she’s going to make it through the night, because she got a couple night’s sleep.” Lawrence poked fun at herself, remembering the “one time” she tripped, “and then the next year, consecutively, and then every single time I’m in heels…” For more with the “Hunger Games” cast, watch the video below!

That part is true.” Calloway told her guys might find her a little intimidating, but she said that’s not the problem. When AJ asked co-star Julianne Moore if she thought Lawrence would take a tumble, Moore responded, “I don’t think so.

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She was also linked to Nick Jonas, seeing as they started hanging out together often enough in 2012.

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