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Who is erica hubbard dating

Vaughn, and now he’s about to release his latest film, “Zodiac Sign,” in limited theatrical release and VOD.

Here’s my truncated play-by-play: Stacy looks longingly at Kelly, who is dancing with a guy. ”As soon as Kelly’s alone, Stacy makes her move, just as Tay gets up on stage to croon an R&B ballad (don’t ask).

I wouldn’t expect Stacy to be back next season — she’s only a minor supporting character on the show — but hey, we got a happy black lesbian teen couple on TV! (Naturally, Diamond ends up dying of a dangerous virus in the same episode, after almost infecting the entire city, but at least the big “reveal” on that show was Max’s secret identity, not Original Cindy’s sexual orientation.

If your name is Erica, then you're in some great company.

He’s a great example of the many independent black filmmakers who struggle and still succeed in making their films totally outside the Hollywood studio system.

Last year, he released his fifth feature film, “72 Hours,” starring Harry Lennix, Cynda Williams (“Mo’ Better Blues,” “One False Move”), Erica Hubbard, and Terri J.

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