Who is colin hanks dating

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Philipps helped co-host the other day, and ended up reuniting with her past boyfriend.Colin Hanks was a guest on the show, and before he even appeared on stage, Kelly Ripa made sure to tell everyone about the history her co-host had with the young actor.

Being a father has shaped his worldview, Hanks explained.

Summer and Marissa run into a guy from "The Valley" and he invites them to the party in LA.

Ryan also sees Luke with Julie and tells him to break up with her fast.

He is known for starring as characters in films such as Shaun Brumder in Orange County, Preston in King Kong, Oliver in The House Bunny, and Troy Gable in The Great Buck Howard.

His television roles include Alex Whitman in Roswell, Henry Jones in Band of Brothers, Travis Marshall in Dexter, officer Gus Grimly in Fargo, Jack Bailey in The Good Guys, and Greg Short in Life in Pieces. In the Talking Tom and Friends animated series, he voices the title character. His paternal grandmother was of Portuguese descent, while his maternal grandfather's mother is of Austrian-Jewish and Polish-Jewish descent.

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