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Updating ssis packages

I have a SSIS 2005 package that is up and running in our production environment.The package uses an SMTP Connection Manager to send an e-mail message out to a designated user.Next, Drag and drop OLE DB Source and OLE DB Command transformation from toolbox to data flow region.

Before we start designing the SSIS Package let me show you the Table in [SSIS Tutorials] Database Below screenshot show you the changed price list In this example, Our task is to update the old values of the products table in [SSIS Tutorials] Database with the new values in the Costing table.Drag the OLE DB Source Output arrow on to the OLE DB Command Transformation to perform transformations on the source data.STEP 5: Double click on the OLE DB Command Transformation will open the Advanced Editor for OLE DB Command to configure it.At this stage we can determine which rows of the Excel sheet are new, and which exist already. Before sorting the columns, I would advise converting the Excel columns to the same type as database columns, in this case I have selected the four columns: a. The data belonging to the new row will be inserted into the table, and the data belonging to the Existing Row will update said row. Drag the line from the conditional split to the OLE DB Destination, you will be prompted to choose the output, you want to select New Row (as defined in the Conditional Split) 4.To do this we use a conditional split where we ascertain if the UID is null (from the database table), if it is we know this is a new row and so should be inserted into the table, if it isn’t we know this row exists in the table and so the row should be updated (perhaps one of the column values has changed). Choosing the mapping tab and ensure they map to the columns in the table That is the insert sorted, how about the update; 1. Drag the green line from the conditional split to the OLD DB Command, you will be prompted to choose the output, select Existing Row (as defined in the conditional split) 3.

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In this article we will show you, How to Update Data using OLEDB Command Transformation in SSIS with example.

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