Updating firmware bt home hub desi speed dating

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Updating firmware bt home hub

Big spikes in latency, even if only occurring for a moment, are no good for response time sensitive Internet applications like fast paced multiplayer video / computer gaming.

At the time Intel said they were “.” Virgin Media does have a partial fix for this but the full solution still needs to come from Intel.

someone on google groups seemed pretty convinced of the fact *shrug*), i obtained a firmware image, and hosted it on a ftp server on my machine.

I tried the following parameters: filetype=bin; url=192.168.1.xxx; username=xxx; password=xxx; filesize=2822395; targetfilename=ST780_6172The router rebooted, and then just came back online with exactly the same firmware as earlier (use the "software version" program to check this, ZZJMAA6.11K was reported), so either the parameters were wrong (the only one i was unsure of was the filetype), or this has been locked down as well to only use a certain url etc. The only other option to change firmware i could find any mention of for Speedtouch routers was "expert mode", although i could not find how to enter this mode on this router - on other Speedtouches, you either just log in to telnet as "expert", and you're presented with a challenge string, or you log in as normal, and use "td prompt" - neither of these approaches worked.

When telnetting in, in the "software" program group, there is a program called "download" - when you run this, you are prompted for the following parameters: filetype; url; username; password; filesize; targetfilename After entering these parameters, the router waits about 15 seconds, and then restarts, presumably to try and download a new firmware image using the values you specified.

Since this router is in actual fact a Speedtouch 780 (i think!

Updates for this and two other similar devices are available now: I’ve discussed CSRF elsewhere – essentially, it’s possible to create a request using Java Script which looks very similar to a genuine user-generated request. we don’t know what IP address the device will have as a wifi extender – though we can just spray it all over the local subnet – and because it only seems to work if the user is logged in at the time.

The BT home hub is a Speedtouch 7G in fact and not a speedtouch 780WL, firmware for the speedtouch 7G can be obtained from though you need to get an account with them. Telneting into the default IP address ( I found the command line is much the same as other Alcatel/Thomson Speedtouch devices.

The command that would unlock it is: ppp ifconfig intf=Internet user= .it immediately fails with the error that it can't save the username.

For those having the issue, using the "add hub manually" button on the setup page seems to always return an error that reads "not an RM2" or something like that, for everyone.

It does this for hubs that otherwise work fine, so seems to be a more general issue with the setup interface for all RM Pro devices, and not an additional symptom of your problem.

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Over the last week or 2, several users reported purchasing a hub, but can't get the RM Bridge to find it.

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