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Updating dell bios ubuntu 9 10

These are the dependencies as documented for Red Hat.I suppose that they ought to be available for Ubuntu under the same or similar names; procmail, glibc, compat-libstdc -296, compat-libstdc -33, libstdc , zlib, and libxml2.Updating or Downgrading your Bios is pretty straight forward on Ubuntu. But that should not scare you, i have tried to make the guide as easy as possible.Ok maybe not as straight forward as double clinking to install. first we open Terminal /Application/Accessories/Terminal Now since we will be running every command as root(as administrator), we sould need to become an admin.When updating the BIOS of a Supermicro X9SCM-F motherboard (from BIOS Version 1.x to 2.x), these boot entries will be lost and Ubuntu will no longer boot afterwards.The problem can also occur alongside a BIOS or Grub update.

and look for the bios version that you want to upgrade/downgrade to In my case my directory is named: system_bios_ven_0x1028_dev_0x0209_version_a14/ my system ID IS 0x0209 and the version of bios i wanted was A14. Now that you are done updating /downgrading we would need to tell the system to do a cold reboot which is what is needed after doing a bios update. I used this method to update the BIOS of my dell xps m1330 ( and downgraded it once) and it worked fine without any ( as we Nigerians will say) Whahala or problem. As always it's not that hard once you know how :) Firstly you need to prepare you machine: Advanced Boot Options and click on 'Enable UEFI Network Stack'. This time go to General - Boot Sequence click on 'Add Boot Option'.Enter Ubuntu as the 'Boot Option Name' and then in 'File Name' click on EFI/boot/grub64.You will see a new entry at the top of the screen under Windows Boot Manager called ubuntu.The Ubuntu installer will create an UEFI boot entry in BIOS during the installation of Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Server on a server with a Supermicro X9SCM-F Motherboard.

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so that we wont need to been adding sudo infront of every command.

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