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I am really pleased that my mum let it be my own decision, as it feels like something that is mine and wasn’t fobbed off on me. Thank you for posting this article, it has reaffirmed the decision I made for my children as well.

I am the only Vegan in my household and I had at one point tried to get my daughters on the same, however, they started to complain and said that they really like meat and wanted it and cheese back in their diet.

Running through Ital food is the Rastafarian concept of livity, which is based in the idea that the lifeforce of God, or Jah, exists within all living things, from people to animals. Ital Fresh, they hope to will clear away stereotypes of Rastafarians and veganism.

"Unless you have connections with Rasta - people don't realise that Rastafari is a deeply spiritual and political ideology, the stereotype being Rastas are predominantly ganja smoking lazy dread heads,” he says. Our mission with Ital Fresh has been to break those stereotypes about Rasta and also about Ital food, It is stereotypically known as one pot, simple stews with no salt and no flavour - but we have flipped that on its head and we cook exciting, vibrant and modern dishes with complex flavour profiles whilst still adhering to the principles of Ital.” “The biggest misconception is that vegan food is restrictive and boring.

“Leonard Howell, one of the founding forefathers of Rastafari, was influenced by the indentured Indians on the island that didn't eat meat,” Poppy Thompson, who runs the Ital Fresh pop-up food van with her partner Dan Thompson, tells Cooked on open coals, traditional Ital dishes include one-pot stews brimming with fruits and vegetables which grow in the Jamaican bush, including yams, peppers and rice seasoned with spring onions, garlic, thyme, scotch bonnet, allspice, nutmeg and limes.For example, while some vegetarians may be unaware of animal-derived rennet's role in the production of cheese, and may therefore unknowingly consume the product, Semi-vegetarian diets consist largely of vegetarian foods but may include fish or poultry, or sometimes other meats, on an infrequent basis.Those with diets containing fish or poultry may define meat only as mammalian flesh and may identify with vegetarianism. tend to think we own good health and longevity, the truth might surprise you – the small, remote island of Okinawa, Japan, is where you’ll find the world’s largest population of healthy older adults.The top five Blue Zones may be relatively isolated and scattered around the globe, but here’s what they have in common, according to the New York Times: Read on to find out more about what these 10 places around the world are doing right.

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they eat what is served and I am okay with that and will also let them come to their own conclusion.