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Say ciao to the Woven Digital name: The digital media company focused on male millennial audiences is now calling itself Uproxx Media Group, adopting the name of the entertainment website it acquired in 2014.

The company, founded in 2010, rolled up several digital publishers over the years including Uproxx, Hit Fix, Dime and Bro Bible.

The company raised .5 million in Series B funding last June, led by WPP Ventures with participation from IVP and Shari Redstone’s Advancit Capital.

The Culver City, Calif.-based company has about 110 employees, after laying off 20 staffers last fall because of what it said were redundancies between the Hit Fix and Uproxx teams.

That will include new episodes for original series including the Honda-sponsored “Uncharted,” about emerging artists and musicians; and “Human Limits,” a show sponsored by Coors Light profiling individuals who’ve overcome seeming personal limitations.For the next ten seasons, Family Guy and American Dad! will call TBS its home, finally free from the significantly more popular show that it spawned from. They’re putting it all out there and we’re coming out and giving it our all. He covers Game of Thrones, Saturday Night Live and The Walking Dead (amongst others) every week.It really is no secret that Fox focused much more on Family Guy than American Dad! So with the Smith family now on cable turf, many people believe that its time for the show to shine on its own merits. Yeah, it does feel great to be acknowledged and to be pushed ahead. SG: I think it’s unbelievable, especially for the crew of writers, animators, and producers that have spent 8 or 9 years being under this umbrella of Family Guy to finally be kind of on our own. As for as his career and literary standing goes — take the best parts of Spider-man, Captain America and Luke Skywalker and you will fully understand his origin story.That’s what I think American Dad should do, because what are the big cartoons now? WS: Well I’m jealous that Marge Simpson was in Playboy so I want to do The Simpsons and put me right up next to her and we’ll see who’s hotter. Francine and Stan, there was a cartoon I just heard, Stan’s there, he’s naked, and you’re sitting there staring at his crotch, and it says, “I will not pledge allegiance to it,” or something like that. What are the other TBS shows we could crossover with? When I was doing American Dad and ER at the same time, I was like, “We gotta! ” And we kinda did it because I played a doctor on American Dad and they animated it and it looked goofy like me, and it was like the Doctor Morris character from ER.

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