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Msbuild validating web site

It took me a while to come up with those particular rules and I am continuing to evolve them.I’m not going to cover these topics here because it would take up too much space and that information is already available to you.You can also add assemblies and projects manually for validation without dragging them to the layer diagram.During the development process, you might want to suppress some of the reported conflicts during validation.Validating code against a layer diagram helps you enforce architectural constraints on the code as it evolves.When you perform this task, dependencies in the code are compared with dependencies on the diagram.CSharp.targets, which contains all the targets, i.e. By doing this you can re-use the logic contained in the .targets files.This is the best way that I’ve found to create good build scripts.

Such references are not considered dependencies unless the code uses those references.

By Sayed Ibrahim Hashimi and Rick Anderson This article focuses on using Visual Studio 2017 to create publish profiles. This section uses Visual Studio 2017 and higher to create publishing profiles.

The publish profiles created with Visual Studio can be run from MSBuild and Visual Studio 2017. Once created, you can publish from Visual Studio or the command line.

You can validate code manually from an open layer diagram in Visual Studio or from a command prompt.

You can also validate code automatically when running local builds or Team Foundation Build.

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