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After dating less than a year, the two have broken things off and Dianna has reportedly moved out of their home. Now that the film has been released, it seems pretty obvious that their relationship may have been just another PR stunt!

The 'Endless Love' star has struck up a relationship with Marloes Horst, who is the new face of Maybelline, after meeting her through mutual friends earlier this year. news: ''Marloes and Alex have been together seriously for a few weeks now. They are really happy.''The couple took a trip to Disnleyland in California today () to mark Alex's 24th birthday, and the blonde stunner took the opportunity to make their romance public by sharing an adorable snap of them on Instagram.

The star had a very good reason to leave her beau - he's "psycho loose cannon" !

Agron has come out and said she was terrified of Pettyfer and his temper, and insinuations have been made that he was violent to Agron as well.

The couple had been dating for less than a year and recently denied rumours they were engaged.

It was reported yesterday that the 24-year-old actress was thought to have been upset over a risqué photo shoot he did with two female models.

Let’s look at Star Dianna Agron Terrified of Ex-Boyfriend Alex Pettyfer?

” In it, they discuss Pettyfer’s temper and Agron taking shelter at a local hotel.

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He accused him of sleeping with Dianna and seemed like he had "totally lost it." Now, Dianna is reportedly "terrified" of Alex and one friend adds that Alex threatened Dianna over the phone shortly after the split. Everyone feels a bit of anger after a breakup, but this is taking things way too far.

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